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Building a High Performing Development Team

Two Extremes of Major Gift Officers Among the biggest challenges facing a Chief Development Officer is finding, recruiting and managing a high performing development team. Typically, there are two extremes of major gift officers. First, there are those that never ask donors for a gift. They seem to think that simply walking beside the high…

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Effectively Managing a Major Donor Team, Part 2

Click here for Part 1 of this series, Effectively Managing a Major Donor team. The Three Keys to Successful Major Donor Development For a major donor fundraising team, the basic leading indicators that ultimately produce the desired outcome:  talking to the right people, saying the right thing and doing it in sufficient quantity.  Let’s explore…

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Effectively Managing a Major Donor Team, Part 1

How to Set the Right Leading and Lagging Indicators for Your Major Gift Officers I once worked for a non-profit president that wanted me to even out the peaks and valleys in our revenue.  He wanted our fundraising target to be divided by 12 and use that as the monthly budget number.  Wouldn’t that be…

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Tough Love Message for a Non-Profit President

An Honest Letter Challenging the President to Engage in Healthy Donor Care Donor development is an exercise in patience and trust. And it’s neither quick nor easy. Let me illustrate with an actual case. To protect identities and to maintain privacy, I will omit specific details. Otherwise, what I’m about to share is real. My…

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