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Focus on the Destination

“Mind the gap” echoed through the colorfully tiled RATP Metro as I stepped from the platform to the train on a journey from Paris to Geneva.  My focus briefly diverted from the excitement and joy of the journey to the necessary caution ahead of me.  Each time the train door opened, the same voice reminded me to mind…

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Needy vs Worthy

I have the wonderful opportunity to learn from our clients and their volunteers across the country. The wonderful balance of staff and volunteer engagement makes this work rich and rewarding. I find myself attending a Leadership Cabinet meeting almost every week. Leadership Cabinets are the community leaders we bring together to help us achieve our…

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Energizing Major Gifts

For the past two years, Donor by Design Group has been working with a cohort of nonprofit leaders from across the country on strategies for improving annual giving. While there are many learnings to be shared, I think the most interesting may be what we’ve learned in developing major gift relationships. The cause of our…

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