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Webinar – Trends Impacting Major Donor Fundraising

WEBINAR AIRED ON OCTOBER 24, 2019 If you track fundraising data, you may be experiencing some sleepless nights. Second quarter 2019 data, from the Association of Fundraising Professionals Fundraising Effectiveness Project, has not given fundraisers anything to cheer about. Overall revenue is down, new donor retention is down, existing donor retention, total number of donors…

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Notre Dame: Lessons in Major Donor Engagement

Like many of you, I was absolutely devastated watching the Notre Dame Cathedral burn on April 15, 2019. Even before the fire was put out, millions of dollars were committed toward restoration from donors around the world. The richest families in France pledged almost $1 billion. Not surprisingly, this money has not rolled in as…

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Always Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth

As horses develop and grow more teeth, their existing teeth begin to change shape and project forward. The condition of a horse’s teeth helps discerning owners determine the age and physical condition of the horse. The advice given in the oft-used proverb “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” is simple: refrain from assessing…

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Westfall Gold Major Donor Experiences Raise $102 Million

These exclusive gatherings accelerate and deepen relationships with high capacity donors who gave an average of $104,500. ATLANTA, Georgia   July 18, 2019 – Westfall Gold, a leading fundraising consultancy, announced its nonprofit clients raised a record-breaking $102 million through 31 major donor events in the first half of 2019. Westfall Gold’s signature three-and-a-half-day experiences enabled nonprofit…

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Technology Megatrends That Will Change Philanthropy

Over the next decade, the integration of technological innovation will radically change how nonprofits engage with their constituents and supporters. Building a Comprehensive Donor Development Strategy:  This article is part of a series launched by Westfall Gold to help nonprofit development leaders create an effective and comprehensive long-term fundraising strategy.  An introduction to this series…

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Focus on the Destination

“Mind the gap” echoed through the colorfully tiled RATP Metro as I stepped from the platform to the train on a journey from Paris to Geneva.  My focus briefly diverted from the excitement and joy of the journey to the necessary caution ahead of me.  Each time the train door opened, the same voice reminded me to mind…

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Building a High Performing Development Team

Two Extremes of Major Gift Officers Among the biggest challenges facing a Chief Development Officer is finding, recruiting and managing a high performing development team. Typically, there are two extremes of major gift officers. First, there are those that never ask donors for a gift. They seem to think that simply walking beside the high…

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Engaging Donors After a Mega Gift

Securing a mega gift is an exciting moment for any nonprofit organization. The gift reflects many hours invested by the organization’s leadership and relationship managers to carefully cultivate the relationship by building trust and communicating the case for support. But, your work does not stop when the gift is won. Several years ago, the president…

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Megatrends That Will Change Philanthropy: Global Economy

Building a Comprehensive Donor Development Strategy: This article is part of a series launched by Westfall Gold to help nonprofit development leaders create an effective and comprehensive long-term fundraising strategy. An introduction to this series can be found here. Over the next decade global economic, technological, and social trends will transform how nonprofits fundraise. As…

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