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Major Donor Cultivation

Study Finds Entrepreneurs are More Engaged Philanthropists

What if you could pinpoint specific donors and prospective donors in your file who want to engage with your organization and who tend to give 50% more than other donors? You can. A recent study released by Fidelity Charitable shows the median annual gift given by entrepreneurs is 50% higher than non-entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs place…

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Effectively Managing a Major Donor Team, Part 1

How to Set the Right Leading and Lagging Indicators for Your Major Gift Officers I once worked for a non-profit president that wanted me to even out the peaks and valleys in our revenue.  He wanted our fundraising target to be divided by 12 and use that as the monthly budget number.  Wouldn’t that be…

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Your Major Donor Year-End Fundraising Success Starts Today

Fast forward to December 31st. You’re thrilled because everything went exactly as planned for your year-end fundraising push. You secured a matching gift and the match wasn’t just met–it was exceeded! Your board is thrilled and your staff is excited to be able to do everything they planned for 2020 (unlike prior years when they…

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Donating Wisely: Charity Done Right

The Big Impact Podcast interviews Westfall Gold CEO Bob Westfall Bill Hobson of The Big Impact Podcast draws on Bob Westfall’s fundraising expertise that has helped worthy causes raise over $800 million.  Bob shares his personal perspective on philanthropy, and why relationships and trust drive transformational giving. Big Impact Ep. 90 – Donating Wisely: Charity…

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Moments of Extraordinary Impact

Moments can be extraordinarily powerful in major donor fundraising. The right, memorable moment can transform a donor’s interest in and understanding of your work. As you plan your donor engagement strategy, think about ways you can create a powerful moment that will stay with them long after your interaction. You might create a moment of…

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Why Major Donor Development Is Your Greatest ROI Opportunity

You may have seen this scenario play out before: you stretch yourself and your resources to raise enough funds to meet your organization’s current budget. Then, your board approves an increase in next year’s budget to meet the growing demand for your organization’s services. As demand for funding goes up, you feel like your time…

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Transactional vs. Transformational Giving

Develop Donors Who Passionately Share Their Resources to Advance Your Mission Nonprofit organizations and their donors have unwittingly created a culture of “transactional giving.” Today’s approach to fundraising is formulaic: offer a simple proposition describing what a specific donation will achieve. $30 provides three laying hens for a family. $38 per month sponsors a child…

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How to Engage Alumni Effectively

The best higher education advancement teams consistently convert alumni into to engaged, passionate donors. DonorSearch – a leading provider of wealth screening and prospect research – recently posted this in-depth article: How to Engage Alumni Effectively. We wholeheartedly agree with these data-centric best practices, which can be utilized by any non-profit organization with a large…

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Tough Love Message for a Non-Profit President

An Honest Letter Challenging the President to Engage in Healthy Donor Care Donor development is an exercise in patience and trust. And it’s neither quick nor easy. Let me illustrate with an actual case. To protect identities and to maintain privacy, I will omit specific details. Otherwise, what I’m about to share is real. My…

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Why Informed Givers are Bigger Givers

Something big happens when major donors become more knowledgeable in their giving — they give more. The U.S. Trust Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy  shows a clear link between charitable giving knowledge and gift size. Major donors who considered themselves as “expert” gave 7.9 x as much as “novice” donors. Charitable Giving Knowledge Total…

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