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Major Donor Event Strategy

Webinar – Trends Impacting Major Donor Fundraising

WEBINAR AIRED ON OCTOBER 24, 2019 If you track fundraising data, you may be experiencing some sleepless nights. Second quarter 2019 data, from the Association of Fundraising Professionals Fundraising Effectiveness Project, has not given fundraisers anything to cheer about. Overall revenue is down, new donor retention is down, existing donor retention, total number of donors…

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Moments of Extraordinary Impact

Moments can be extraordinarily powerful in major donor fundraising. The right, memorable moment can transform a donor’s interest in and understanding of your work. As you plan your donor engagement strategy, think about ways you can create a powerful moment that will stay with them long after your interaction. You might create a moment of…

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Why Major Donor Development Is Your Greatest ROI Opportunity

You may have seen this scenario play out before: you stretch yourself and your resources to raise enough funds to meet your organization’s current budget. Then, your board approves an increase in next year’s budget to meet the growing demand for your organization’s services. As demand for funding goes up, you feel like your time…

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