If you track fundraising data, you may be experiencing some sleepless nights. Second quarter 2019 data, from the Association of Fundraising Professionals Fundraising Effectiveness Project, has not given fundraisers anything to cheer about. Overall revenue is down, new donor retention is down, existing donor retention, total number of donors and recapturing of lapsed donors — all down. Clearly the fundraising landscape is experiencing upheaval.

What does all this mean for your non-profit and, in particular, what does it mean for your major donor program? Where are the opportunities for growth and what are the challenges you need to address?

Join Lisa Wolf, VP of Consulting for Westfall Gold, as she talks with host, Adam Christing, for a discussion about current fundraising trends and what your organization can do to grow revenue in this unnerving market.


Lisa Wolf, VP of Consulting of Westfall Gold, is passionate about working with nonprofits that have missions to improve the lives of others. She has served more than 60 large and small non-profits helping them to generate millions of dollars from major donors to fulfill their vision.

Adam Christing, host, is a popular emcee, author and keynote speaker. He uses the magic of personalized humor to help non-profit organizations connect with donors and realize their mission.

About Westfall Gold

Westfall Gold is the nation’s premier major donor fundraising consultancy — helping clients raise more than $930 million to date to fuel life transformation worldwide. Proven over the course of 400+ events, the signature Westfall Gold major donor weekend continues to produce exceptional results for clients, generating an average ROI of greater than 5:1.

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