These exclusive gatherings accelerate and deepen relationships with high capacity donors who gave an average of $104,500.

ATLANTA, Georgia   July 18, 2019 – Westfall Gold, a leading fundraising consultancy, announced its nonprofit clients raised a record-breaking $102 million through 31 major donor events in the first half of 2019.

Westfall Gold’s signature three-and-a-half-day experiences enabled nonprofit organizations to attract high net worth families and accelerate major donor relationships. The company’s clients have seen:

  • Conversion: 77% of guests participate with an average gift of $104,500
  • Uplift: major donors give 3.7x their previous largest gift
  • Re-engagement: lapsed major donors reengage by giving $112,000 on average
  • Upgrade: mid-level and general donors give $32,000 on average

“Large and small nonprofits have used our model to move current and prospective givers into a deep personal and financial relationship with the organization,” said Bob Westfall, CEO of Westfall Gold. “All of the cultivation that typically takes 12 to 24 months is compressed into a single weekend.”

Founded in 2002, the company’s team has successfully executed over 400 major donor events and raised $934 million in charitable giving.

Westfall Gold's video team captures compelling stories of life transformation.

“We’ve learned that successfully moving a high net worth guest to give significantly requires a compelling case, a trusted relationship, and a supportive community,” notes Robert Yi, President/COO. “Our team has developed best practices to recruit affluent guests and orchestrate an experience that ensures they feel honored and inspired.”

Major donors affirmed the impact of the Westfall Gold major donor event with 100% stating they were inspired at the event, 99.8% stating the event strengthened their trust in the organization, and 98.6% stating they were willing to invite others to future events.

About Westfall Gold

Westfall Gold is the nation’s premier major donor fundraising consultancy — helping clients raise more than $930 million to date to fuel life transformation worldwide. Proven over the course of 400+ events, the signature Westfall Gold major donor weekend continues to produce exceptional results for clients, generating an average ROI of greater than 5:1.

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